Academic Success

Education remains one of the best investments of a lifetime. It not only teaches young people how to make a living but also how to make their way through life. "My academic success at Michigan has taken me further than my athletic achievements," said Dr. Taylor. "It provided me with skills, knowledge and self-esteem that no one can ever take away." GBU is committed to getting that message out to all audiences which have included high school and college students, student-athletes, and adults of all ages who have postponed or never pursued educational advancement.

Second Starts

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up" - Thomas Edison Directing, coaching, encouraging and mentoring others who have lost their way is a cornerstone of GBU. Because of his personal experience, Billy Taylor is committed to building new services and working with existing programs that bolster the opportunities for and success of people who are striving for second starts.


Having a positive vision of the future is a powerful motivator for change. Those who focus on the problems, an impasse or the hurdles that stand in the way, hamper their ability to move forward. As he motivates and inspires others, Dr. Taylor's emphasis is on character, core values, individual choice, courage and the " five P's": Preparation, Persistence, Patience, Perseverance and the Power of Transformation.

Inspired to "Get Back Up " turning life's setbacks into comebacks, Dr. Taylor exemplifies the importance of resiliency, inner strength and the belief that it is possible to overcome adversity, reach your highest potential and reestablish a meaningful life.

Life Coaching

GBU consistently uses two "headline" phrases that relate to the Life Coaching Process: "Plan your Life's Work, and Work your Life's Plan" and "When Plan A Fails, Implement Plan B". As a follow up to the headline, we often tell our clients: "If you don't know where you are going, you will probably not get there!" As a challenge to them, we use an Oprah Winfrey question: "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" Ideally, GBU's Life Coaching Program is planned to be an intensive one-on-one or small group interaction with those who need "focusing assistance."

Leadership Development

Dr. Billy Taylor builds a program and experience that dives into the needs of your audience. Packed with practical tips and useful skills, people gain a positive mindset and a desire to put their knowledge to action.

Keynote Speaking

Let Dr. Billy Taylor help you deliver great content that will have attendees ready to take action. They will generate impactful buzz with a talk that will be completely customized for you and your audience.

Individual Mentorship and Coaching

The leader in me recognizes the leader in you. Change your life, Get back up, and discover the leader in you. Self-discovery does not have to be a journey accomplished alone. The next step of the rest of your life is waiting for you to take it. 

Student Speaking 

His messages inspire students to choose success, excel in school, say no to self- destructive behavior, become leaders and prepare their options for life after graduation. Student-athletes receive guidance on being more effective in school, on the field, and in life.